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Child I.D. Bracelet


Child I.D. Bracelet Keeps You in Touch

Whether your child is with you, a caregiver, other adults, or at school, it's reassuring to know that you can be contacted if your child gets lost or is involved in a medical emergency. Life Line's personalized ID bracelet keeps you close, even when your child is away.

Tough and Comfortable, Bracelet "Grows" With Your Child

The overall size of each Child ID Bracelet is approximately 7-1/2 inches.  Made of durable high quality stainless steel, the child ID bracelet comfortably fits your child's wrist. It also stands up to rough and tumble play and doesn't need to be removed for baths because it won't rust.  The clasp fastens to the chain's links to fit your growing child. As the bracelet becomes snug, simply move the clasp to another link.

Durably Engraved & Safe to Wear

Your child's personalized information is engraved, so it won't fade or wash away. And because the letters are small, the only way for someone to read the information is to get close enough to actually hold the child's arm. This minimizes the chance that a stranger will use the child's information to befriend him or her.

Positive Closure Clasp

This special clasp (see picture above) helps to prevent children from opening the bracelet by themselves.

You Choose the Personalization

Police recommend including the child's name and home phone number as well as parents' names and work phone numbers. During a medical emergency, it's useful to have the child's blood type or medical record number. If the child has a medical condition, the bracelet can also include this information.

ID Makes You Only a Phone Call Away

A child ID bracelet can't take away all your worries as a parent, but it will help you feel more secure about your child's safety. After all, You're only a phone call away.

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